Human Resources

The Human Resources Department facilitates the recruitment and hiring of new employees and serves as a resource for both Town professionals and for it's employees.  

To employees, the Director is responsible for acting as a liaison to their benefits, records and training and for providing clear, concise and consistent information as programs and services evolve and become available.  

To the Town, the Director is responsible for compliance with state and federal regulations, to ensure fairness and equitability and to facilitate efficient and effective resolutions to short and long term challenges and changes. 

Excellence, Diversity, Fairness, Development, Innovation, Collaboration, Honesty and Reliability are always the goal.

How to apply for a Town of Suffield Job

Please note that all submissions require a signed job application, which is available by clicking on the job application link to the right (above). Resumes may also be submitted along with the job application, but all information on the application must be completed.  Please do not write "Please see resume".

It is the Town's policy to accept applications only for current, vacant positions.  Vacant positions that become available are posted on this site until they are filled.

The completed, original, signed application may be submitted either by mail (postmarked), fax or e-mail.  When the submitted information is received, it will be date stamped and kept on file in an active status for one year, categorized by the title of the job for which you've applied.

Completed applications should be submitted to:

Human Resources Department
Town of Suffield
230C Mountain Road
Suffield, CT 06078

Fax 860-668-3371


Contact: Karin Ziemba





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