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Town Offices

    Public Works  |  Trash & Recycling

    The Department of Public Works may be contacted by phone at (860) 668 3890
    For a map of the closest technology recycling centers by zip code, please visit


    Listing files in 'Landfill Department Documents'

    Who do I call if I have questions that aren't on this page?

    Please contact the Department of Public Works Office for assistance. Do not contact USA Hauling with any trash questions.

    What do I do if my trash or recycle bin is damaged? (Broken lid, wheel, etc.)

    If your trash or recycle bin is damaged, contact the DPW office for a replacement or fill out the form located here ( Do not contact USA Hauling directly.

    What do I do if my bin isn't large enough to hold all my trash every week?

    Our current town hauling contract only allows for one trash bin per household. You may have multiple blue recycling bins, call the DPW office to request another recycling bin. Landfill add on stickers are available yearly for $20 if you have the need for additional household waste disposal beyond the one barrel curbside.

    What happens if I had my trash or recycling out on time but it wasn't picked up?

    If your trash or recycling does not get picked up as scheduled, contact the DPW office to have the trash hauler come back the next day.

    Where do I put my bins?

    Make sure you put your recycling and trash bins at least three feet apart so the trucks mechanical arm can operate properly.

    I had a bin full of yard waste (rocks, dirt, etc.) and they didn't take it. Why?

    Do not put heavy yard waste like dirt or rocks into either barrel. The truck's mechanical arm is not designed to lift such heavy loads.

    I'm moving soon, do I bring the bins with me when I go?

    When a resident moves, the trash and recycle barrels stay with the house. They are the property of the trash hauler and are not to be removed from the residence.

    I'm building a new house, how do I get trash and recycling bins?

    If you have a new house construction, call the DPW office to have new barrels delivered to your address.

    I have some large items that will not fit into my trash barrel. How can I dispose of them?

    If you cannot cut up or break apart a large item to fit into your trash barrel, you have two choices: you can bring it to the landfill yourself between 8 AM and 4 PM on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday; or you can schedule a bulk pickup with the Department of Public Works. The $40 pickup fee plus any additional item charges must be prepaid before the date is scheduled. Checks can be mailed or delivered to the DPW office at 230c Mountain Road.

    What do I do with my hazardous waste?

    Hazardous waste may be brought to the Town Highway Garage at 42 Ffyler Place on the second Saturday in April from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Please refer to the Household Hazardous Waste Brochure for information regarding what to bring.

    How do I dispose of my Christmas Tree?

    Christmas Trees will be picked up curbside during the second week of January. Check website announcements for actual dates.